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  1. Design and Appearance:

    • The plush features a detailed and accurate representation of Shou, one of the prominent characters from Mob Psycho 100 Season 2.
    • Stands at a height of 8 inches, making it a compact and collectible item.
  2. Pose and Expression:

    • Shou's pose and facial expression are captured faithfully, reflecting his personality and character traits from the anime.
    • Dynamic and engaging posture makes it a standout addition to any Mob Psycho 100 fan's collection.
  3. Officially Licensed:

    • The plush is officially licensed merchandise, assuring fans of its authenticity and adherence to the original anime's design.
  4. Ideal for Display or Cuddling:

    • Suitable for both display purposes and as a comforting plush toy.
    • Perfect for fans who want to showcase their love for Mob Psycho 100 in a tangible and adorable form.
  5. Collectible Item:

    • Limited availability makes it a valuable and sought-after collectible for fans of the anime series.
    • Ideal for enthusiasts who enjoy collecting merchandise from their favorite shows.
  6. Gift-Worthy:

    • Makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for Mob Psycho 100 fans, whether they're into plush toys or anime memorabilia.
    • Compact size allows for easy placement on shelves, desks, or display cabinets.