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  • Variety: The set includes six different styles of Gloomy Bear figures, offering collectors a diverse selection to enjoy.

  • Blind Box Format: Each figure comes in a blind box, adding an element of surprise and anticipation to the collection process.

  • Blue Theme: All figures in the set are adorned in varying shades of blue, creating a cohesive and visually appealing collection.

  • Quality Design: Gloomy Bear figures are known for their detailed and high-quality design, making them desirable for both collectors and fans of cute yet slightly macabre aesthetics.

  • Collectible: Ideal for collectors of Gloomy Bear merchandise or fans of designer vinyl toys, this blind box set offers a unique addition to any collection.

  • Limited Availability: As with many blind box sets, availability may be limited, adding to the exclusivity and value of the collection.

  • Size: Each figure is typically a compact size, making them suitable for display on desks, shelves, or in cabinets.

  • Gift Potential: Makes for an excellent gift for fans of Gloomy Bear or anyone who appreciates quirky and unique collectibles.

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