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Classic Sonic - Sonic The Hedgehog Plush Seat Belt Wrap

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  • Officially Licensed: Official Sonic the Hedgehog belt wrap manufactured by Great Eastern Entertainment.
  • Enhance Your Car's Style: Give your car's interior a touch of Sonic the Hedgehog fandom with this seatbelt wrap. Whether you're a dedicated fan or simply want to add a unique flair to your vehicle, this seatbelt wrap is a perfect choice.
  • Easy Installation for Comfort: Designed to easily attach to your seatbelt with a convenient Velcro closure. Simply unvelcro the wrap, place it around your seatbelt, and secure it in place.
  • Versatile Usage: You can use it to enhance the comfort of child car seat restraints, attach it to backpacks or laptop bags for added cushioning, or even use it on luggage shoulder straps for a more comfortable carrying experience.
  • Recommended Age: 15 Years and Over

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